LPT Quick Start Tips

  • Join the private FB Group by sending your Facebook email to the Helpdesk. The LPT Facebook group is a private members only group. 
  • Watch the videos on LPT home page.
  • Click “affiliate center setup” and watch the video.
  • Click “sign up link” then fill out the form with your most accurate information. Choose a username and password. Your username is public and appears in your affiliate links so using a nickname is recommended. Be sure to write it down (username and password) or use password saver like Last Pass
  • Click “affiliate center login”
  • Watch 2 welcome videos
  • Watch the training in LPT members area before the videos on the product home page.
  • Traffic Training link - solo ad training.
  • Traffic interviews link - watch interview with Reed Floren


  • Avatar
    John Walsh

    I don't have a clue where should i start

  • Avatar
    Kristi Sayles

    I think we are supposed to send our FB email to the Helpdesk to join the Facebook group first. Did anyone ever answer you?

  • Avatar
    Iain Cox

    I have just sent my email to the help desk and had a reply but this needs to be smoother.

    John, try


  • Avatar
    Frank Gepp

    I have no clue were to start, I fallowed the LPT Quick Start Tips and there is no LPT group. I have wrote to help center, they don't answer my questions.

  • Avatar

    What LPT stands for?

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